Out of This Country

Teacher’s Creatures Phonics Puppets have made their way to Bali with a former student who left my class mid-year and had only met my A-Z puppets. She is getting to know the rest of the family (chunk puppets and long vowel puppets) in paradise, at Green School. I miss you, Roamin’ Romans, and am glad you could take some Santa Cruz friends with you on your adventure!



Summer Home

My homework kits now live at school on their very own shelf in the upstairs closet. What does that mean for me? Not having to get them out of my attic each year, truck them to school, then truck them home and put them back in the attic three months later. While my students and I are enjoying the summer break, my kits will be settling into their new home, waiting patiently for the fall.


If you want instructions and PDF’s for making these kits, contact me!

The Quick Brown Fox

Do you know about the sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet? No one I ask seems to be familiar with this. I guess it’s “old school”, from my mom’s era. It is: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. As a culmination activity my class punched the letters A-Z (plus a few necessary extras) using these jumbo alphabet hole punches.


I can’t seem to find them online. Perhaps they have been discontinued. I’ve had them for a decade and a half. Anyway… Then they pasted the letters to form the “quick brown fox” sentence.


On the back they drew a picture to go with the sentence. They drew the picture first, though, before glue sticks became involved!


You could do a similar sentence-buliding activity with anything “alphabet”; printed, cut-up letters, dry alphabet soup, scrabble letters, alphabet cookies, what else? We really enjoyed a break in the routine for this end-of-year activity. I thought it might also be fun for my annual alphabet party in November. But before that… HAPPY SUMMER!

Purchase Order #1

No teaching tips, no freebies, no new curriculum. This time I’m just sharing some big news for my little business. I received my first official purchase order from a reading specialist at an elementary school in Pennsylvania. She found my website through Teachers Pay Teachers and will be using my curriculum next school year. Teacher’s Creatures have made their way to four states and two countries. So far, so good.

The Backpack

It might seem odd to mark the end of the school year with a container that seems more appropriate for the beginning of the year, but The Backpack is the newest addition to my Homework Kit Family, so I’m very excited to share it!


Would you like instructions for making The Backpack, related worksheets, and an activities list so parents will know how to use it with their children? You can request them through the “contact” tab on my website and I will send you the PDF files via email. My kits make homework magical for children. I hope you will take the time to make one and experience the joy and excitement they will bring to your classroom (or your home)!