Beep Bop Boop!

It’s time to admit that my standard book report form needs a little pizazz. After the Thanksgiving break, I’ll be introducing my first graders to… Beep Bop Book Reports with The Reading Robot! They will also be keeping track of how many books they read with the “Beep Bop Book Count”, which is a free download on Teachers Pay Teachers. My almost-five-year-old-son (who sported a self-made robot costume on Halloween) test colored- and loved- the “book count” robot. Beep. Happy Thanksgiving. Bop. Happy Reading. Boop!

bookreportpicture copy

beepbopbookcount copy


And the Answer is…

The uses for my answer box are endless. Students place the materials they are using on the mat below the answer box; counters, letters, coins, shapes, flash cards, phonics items, etc. I give a prompt such as: Show me one way to make 15 cents. Which item has a short U sound in the middle? Show me six counters. Students place their answer in the answer box. This mat helps children stay organized and I can easily see their responses at a glance. You can download my answer box for free! (Laminate for durability.)

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

Y, oh Y.

Here’s what we’re doing with the items in York the Yak’s letter bag tomorrow:

photo 2photo 1

My sentence strips help kids practice sight words and reading from left to right using their “reading finger”. You can download these for free. Print, cut, laminate, and use!

And, by the way, we are loving these little word-of-the-day readers…!

photo 2 photo 1 photo 3