Noun, Adjective, Verb, Sentence!

Yet another use for my letter bag items:

1. Chose an item.

2. List its name (that’s the noun). Example: cup

3. List an adjective to describe the noun. Example: clear

4. List a verb related to the noun. Example: drink

5. Write a sentence using the noun, adjective, and verb. Example. I will drink water from a clear cup.

We especially got a laugh out of this one: I will sharpen my pencil with a sharp sharpener. 🙂

IMG_0824 IMG_0825 IMG_0826 IMG_0827


Homework Books

So long, homework folders, spelling sentences, and math workbook pages that travel to and fro on Mondays and Fridays. Hello, homework books that last all month, invite kids to think outside the box, and give teachers a well deserved break!

On May 5th I will give each of my students a bound homework book (thank you, Office Max) and they will return the books to me on May 30th. In the book they will complete a calendar for the month of May, then each week: write about something special, memorable, or exciting they did, write and draw about a way that they used math in the real world, complete a different reading and recording activity (reading ‘outside the book’, a book report, a book comparison, and a reading list), practice their list of spelling words, and finally, summarize the school year in two sentences.

All this relaxation can be yours for just $2.00. To purchase this 20-page book entitled “My Last Full Month of Kindergarten” (or First Grade or Second Grade), click here.




Gimmie Some Pie!

Gator Pie is the most delicious book I know for teaching fractions. I’m pretty sure it’s out of print now, but if you happen to have it…

First, we build “pies” with paper pieces that correspond to the fractions in the book.


Then we complete a related worksheet that helps us practice labeling and identifying fractions (and drool as we think about pie). You can download my free worksheet here.


Buon Appetito!