Farewell, My Beloved Creatures…

Goodbye, goggly eyes… peace out, patterns and puff paint… sayonara, scissors…

After three years of making Teacher’s Creatures Phonics Puppets, I’m calling it quits. Although my puppets and the rest of my curriculum will still be available in digital (printable) format at www.teacherspayteachers.com, this is definitely the end of a chapter for me; a chapter I will always remember fondly.

I’d like to thank the following people who shaped my journey with Teacher’s Creatures Phonics Puppets and Monaco Lane: Curriculum for Early Literacy…

Matt Randall for the countless hours spent creating my website, drawing my puppet outlines, illustrating my workbook, and believing in my dreams every step of the way.

Antoinette Barker for making my letter bags, listening (a lot!) to my ideas, and coming to reading conferences with me (or watching my kids if she didn’t!).

Adele Gardner for inspiring me to start a business and share my ideas with the world.

Sheryl Guidera for giving my puppets a place on the shelf in her store, Kaleidoscope, and being so supportive.

Diane Lambrinos for telling me about Teachers Pay Teachers, which will let my puppets live forever.

Meghan Robertello for being my very first customer.

Jacquie Hoffman for being my first “real” customer (a.k.a. a total stranger).

Jacquie Hofmann, Sarah Seibert, and Cynthia Welch for attending my first workshop, taking Teacher’s Creatures back to their classrooms, and giving me the idea to make black and white puppet outlines for students to color.

Lila Klausner for inviting me to my most successful reading conference in Pasadena this past February.

Lisa Cavanaugh for giving my puppets so much love, and for giving me the idea for my current most popular item on TPT: Teacher’s Creatures Vowel Sorts.

And finally… to each and every person who made a purchase, told a friend about me, or simply took the time to meet a puppet.

Each set of Teacher’s Phonics Puppets A-Z is $59.99 +tax (free shipping).

A set includes 26 handmade finger puppets + stories, songs, and black and white printable puppets on a disc. A more detailed description can be found here.

For more information, visit my website or contact me directly at teacherscreatures@comcast.net.

My very last tiger stripes!

photo 2

Wishing you all a wonderful school year! And always, HAPPY TEACHING!


Back to School?

Haven’t thought about *school* all summer, and now suddenly I’m seeing “back to school” sales! Apparently Teachers Pay Teachers is having one August 4-5, and fortunately I just realized this and discounted everything in my store at 20% off. If you’re looking for some new phonics/reading curriculum for the upcoming year, click here. And now… back to summer while it lasts!