The Quick Brown Fox

Do you know about the sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet? No one I ask seems to be familiar with this. I guess it’s “old school”, from my mom’s era. It is: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. As a culmination activity my class punched the letters A-Z (plus a few necessary extras) using these jumbo alphabet hole punches.


I can’t seem to find them online. Perhaps they have been discontinued. I’ve had them for a decade and a half. Anyway… Then they pasted the letters to form the “quick brown fox” sentence.


On the back they drew a picture to go with the sentence. They drew the picture first, though, before glue sticks became involved!


You could do a similar sentence-buliding activity with anything “alphabet”; printed, cut-up letters, dry alphabet soup, scrabble letters, alphabet cookies, what else? We really enjoyed a break in the routine for this end-of-year activity. I thought it might also be fun for my annual alphabet party in November. But before that… HAPPY SUMMER!


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