The Nifty Fifty United States

At the moment… I am teaching a mini-unit on US history, creating “The Suitcase” homework kit, and planning a spring break trip to see 3 more states with my husband and our boys. In my teaching life, and my personal life, I am surrounded by states! I love to learn about and travel around our country, and I’ve definitely been enjoying researching, lesson planning, and creating new curriculum for my students. Here’s a preview of a graph from The Suitcase that kids will use to indicate which states they’ve visited, how many people they know living in other states, and which quarters they’ve collected.



Neighborhoods Revamped

My short vowel neighborhoods have a brand new look! The word family houses are now connected by roads, giving them more of a neighborhood feel, rather than just floating on the wall like they used to. I can’t wait to put these babies up!



If you purchased these houses (or the long vowel houses) on TPT, email me, and I’d be glad to send you the roads.