Sale + Sale = Sales

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Kits Complete!

In August, 2012, I began this blog by offering homework kits to my readers. I posted one kit per month for an entire year before ending my free trial. Then I added ten kits to my Teacher’s Pay Teachers store, plus a free download offering three additional kits, for a total of thirteen… but I kept thinking a set of twenty would be able to accommodate more (larger) classrooms, so in the seven months following, I continued to create one kit a month. I am finally finished with my collection of 20 exciting, engaging, educational homework kits for kindergarten. Seven new kits are now available at my TPT store. Check ’em out… and pass it on…!

Here’s a peek at my latest: The Beach Bag


We did it, finally!

Our 100th day of school project took two morning blocks of time to complete. It was way more challenging that I thought it would be, but everyone did it! Might have been more appropriate for 2nd or 3rd grade! Here are the steps we took to make 100 square inches:

Mark the inches on all sides of a square:


Connect the dots with horizontal and vertical lines:



Cut on the lines:


Trade colors with classmates:


Put them back together to make 100 square inches:



And then we read Pezzettino!



Hurray for the 100th day!

100 Square Inches

I’m so excited about trying a new idea for our 100th day of school next week. Each student gets a 10-in. x 10-in. piece of brightly colored card stock. They mark off 1-in. increments on each side of the square then connect the dots on the opposite sides, making a grid of 100 square inches. They cut the square, along one set of lines, into ten 10-in. strips, then cut each strip along the lines into ten 1-sq.-in. pieces for a total of 100 square inches. They have to trade at least half of their squares with a variety of classmates so that everyone ends up with a mixture of colors. Finally they glue the pieces onto a larger piece of paper to create a mosaic/tiled design. Maybe I’ll even read Pezzettino! Pictures to come…