100th Day Mini Reader

This is a great reading activity for the 100th day of school. Students read, trace, and color Fry’s “First 100 Words”. It’s free. Get it here. This is a culminating activity to my “First 100 Words Daily readers”, which I absolutely adore!



We did it, finally!

Our 100th day of school project took two morning blocks of time to complete. It was way more challenging that I thought it would be, but everyone did it! Might have been more appropriate for 2nd or 3rd grade! Here are the steps we took to make 100 square inches:

Mark the inches on all sides of a square:


Connect the dots with horizontal and vertical lines:



Cut on the lines:


Trade colors with classmates:


Put them back together to make 100 square inches:



And then we read Pezzettino!



Hurray for the 100th day!

100 Square Inches

I’m so excited about trying a new idea for our 100th day of school next week. Each student gets a 10-in. x 10-in. piece of brightly colored card stock. They mark off 1-in. increments on each side of the square then connect the dots on the opposite sides, making a grid of 100 square inches. They cut the square, along one set of lines, into ten 10-in. strips, then cut each strip along the lines into ten 1-sq.-in. pieces for a total of 100 square inches. They have to trade at least half of their squares with a variety of classmates so that everyone ends up with a mixture of colors. Finally they glue the pieces onto a larger piece of paper to create a mosaic/tiled design. Maybe I’ll even read¬†Pezzettino! Pictures to come…

Number Love

Because I’m on maternity leave, I’ve lost track of the school days, but I know the 100th day is near because it’s always around Valentine’s Day. It’s even fallen on V-day a couple of times; double the fun! So this time of year, it’s all about numbers and love at school! On the 100th day my kinders bring in 100 items of their choice, grouped in ten groups of ten, twenty groups of five, or four groups of twenty-five, and my first graders write a 100-word autobiography. We walk to the fabric store near our school and buy ten 10-inch pieces of ribbon to make a total of 100 inches and also complete a number project that we started on the first day of school- The Number Wall. The classroom number wall is the numbers from 1-100 each written on a post-it and attached to the wall in ten rows of ten. The students’ version is a blank grid that they add to every five school days. On the fifth day of school they write the numbers 1-5 with a pencil in the top row of page #1, making sure that they write their numbers right like I taught them! After I check their numbers, they trace in marker. We designate different colors for the ones, fives, tens, and twenty-fives to help identify and “count by” these numbers. The colors match the colors on the number wall. On the tenth day of school, they write the numbers 6-10 in the top row of page #2. On the fifteenth day of school, they write the numbers 11-15 in the second row of page #1, and so on… On the 100th day, they write the final numbers (96-100) and then we tape all six sheets together so that each student has their own number wall to take home. I use this activity as an ongoing project, but you could do it all on the 100th day if you’d rather. Visit my TPT store to download my FREE Blank 100 Grid.¬†