Tools of the Trade

Scissors, tape, glue, hole punches, and… sticks?

Yesterday after school my children and I were collecting sticks, redwood cones, and bark that had blown to the ground in the autumn wind (cue new idea!), and today my students spelled CVC words with sticks in class. They could only use uppercase letters that consist of straight lines, although toward the end they figured out how to make straight “curved” letters, digit style. I should have known they would be that clever!

photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

At another table they made red and orange paper chains to show all the addition facts for making ten. I wrote the addends on white stickers with corresponding red and orange pen, then stuck the finished chains to the window frame for a lovely window treatment.

photo 1 photo

At the third table they used a hole punch to make multiplication facts for three. Even though I was so excited about using my “spelling sticks”, I gotta say this one was my favorite. I love “Thirty Thursday”!

photo 4



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