Learning Through Song

A teacher at January’s PK1 Reading Conference suggested I write songs for each of my phonics puppets. They already have stories that teach a motion to go with the letter sound, but the suggestion got me thinking about the power of song and rhyme when it comes to learning. Once I got started, the lyrics just kept flowing, and a week later I was finished with my collection. I’m waiting until September to use the A-Z songs with my new class of kindergarteners, but for the past few weeks we’ve been singing our hearts out about the chunk puppets. I have to say the songs are pretty catchy. Just ask my students, who sing quietly to themselves in their seats, or my classroom aide, who rolled her eyes and said, “Those songs are always stuck in my head!”, or even my husband, who hums my tunes around the house. My new songs are available via email to anyone who owns my puppets. Click the “contact” tab on my website if you are interested. Click here for a sample.


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