Editor in Chief, my Preschooler

I’m (finally) nearing the end of my latest project; The Teacher’s Creatures Kindergarten Language Arts Workbook. In fact, I’m done with my portion, and am patiently waiting for my husband to finish the illustrations I requested. The book is an extension of the handwriting workbook I’ve been using for a few years, but will now include phonics, reading, and spelling components as well. I left a rough draft copy of it on the coffee table and when my three-year-old son noticed it, he wanted to take a look. He shuffled through the pages, naming the pictures, identifying letters, and asking me to read the CVC words aloud. He even completed an uppercase-lowercase matching activity! If his interest is any indicator, my new batch of 2013-2014 kinders are in for a real treat this fall! The owners of my school have given me the go ahead to publish, so I’m comparing printing companies online… and waiting for those drawings 🙂


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