St. Patrick’s Day “Felt” Great!

Not only did I have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day with my family, but I also got inspired to make some new math activities for my classroom. Here’s how it happened: I was putting together a bag of St. Patrick’s Day fun for my three-year-old son so he would be content at the lunch table. I already had a pot of gold coins and figured it could use a rainbow. I thought, I have an entire trunk of felt (supplies for my Teacher’s Creatures Phonics Puppets, with plenty to spare), so I grabbed the colors I needed and whipped up a felt rainbow “puzzle”, complete with two pots and ten gold coins. My husband’s response was “No way! That’s awesome. You have to put that on Pinterest.” Here is how I wrapped the puzzle and in all the excitement at Rosie McCann’s I only snapped one picture of my son enjoying it! Read on after the pictures about classroom math and Pinterest…

IMG_2357 IMG_2362

I fell asleep that night dreaming of the math activities I could make for my K/1 classroom with felt, scissors, and maybe a bit of puff paint. I woke up this morning and looked on Pinterest. Turns out I didn’t invent the felt rainbow, but I’m not at all surprised! I searched “felt math” and “felt counting” and got some ideas to inspire my next classroom adventure. A few of my favorites were a clock, a set of cookies, and a pizza topping activity (which reminds me of a certain homework kit I’ll be posting in the near future). Have you ever “felt” inspired to make your own math games with felt? Do tell! In the meantime, I’ll keep you “posted” on whatever I come up with…


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