A Moment in Time Capsule

My school (Santa Cruz Children’s School) celebrated its 20-year anniversary on Valentine’s Day by burying a time capsule in the school’s garden. Students filled the capsule with valentines expressing their hopes and dreams for the future. In the year 2018, on the school’s twenty-fifth anniversary, they will dig up and open the time capsule. My baby will be 5-years-old by then and my preschooler will be eight. Wow. They will both be students at SCCS and- I’m sure- eager to dig! The V-day ceremony was moving and inspiring, and it got me thinking… I should do a time capsule project with my class at the end of the year! How have I never done this before? My students can document life in kindergarten or first grade, capturing a moment in time, and I can seal the information in an envelope that I’ll tuck away in a safe place and hand back to them at their sixth grade graduation. From idea to blog in just four days. I’m so excited about doing this project in May! Get in on the fun; download my dirt-free time capsule here.



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