As in… my experience at the 2013 PK1 Conference was wonderful. Exhibiting at a conference is not about making money, it’s about making connections. I must have told 200 TK, kindergarten, and first grade teachers about my reading curriculumand given away just as many Monaco Lane business cards. Some smiled and said, “I already have a lot of puppets.”, but others listened intently as I carried on about how my students fall in love with Teacher’s Creatures… how the motions they teach are related to the letter sounds and make sense… how I teach handwriting with clear, simple instructions without the use of metaphors like ‘the sky’ and ‘the water’… why I created my own font after years of being frustrated with the traditional manuscript font used in every language arts workbook on the face of the Earth… and how my curriculum is now available in digital form at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Not only did these teachers listen, they were impressed with what they heard and agreed with my strategies! In addition to sharing my methods I was able to get ideas from other teachers and PK1 board members about making my current curriculum even better and adding new components (blog posts coming soon). And the people: I talked extensively with my friendly neighbors; a rep for Discount School Supply and a vendor for Barefoot Books and her 12-year-old daughter who adored my 11-week-old son. I met the inspiring founders of KFUNdamentals and ESGI, both kindergarten teachers who, like me, ventured out of the classroom to share their ideas with the world. The eighteen hours I spent in the Santa Clara Hyatt’s Ballroom B were well worth it, and with all of that being said, I will add: Thank goodness I sold enough product to cover the cost of my table, because although it’s not about making money, no one likes to lose money! Thank you, PK1, for the opportunity to share and connect with some wonderful people in my profession. And what a profession it is!

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