Kathy the Kangaroo Comes to Life

Yesterday, my classroom aide gave me a costume idea that was way better than mine. “You should be one of your puppets,” she said. “You should be Kathy the Kangaroo because she has a baby in her pouch!” (Did I mention I am 39-and-a-half weeks pregnant?) So last night I whipped up a joey and a pair of ears using the same felt I use to make my finger puppets. My students knew who I was right away, of course, but everyone else thought I was a bunny. Come on, people, I’ve got a baby in my pouch! (Maybe that’s just my pregnancy crankiness coming out!) In any case, Happy Halloween from Kathy the Kangaroo and her baby joey, Kia!


2 thoughts on “Kathy the Kangaroo Comes to Life

  1. Oh my heck, that is SO cute! And your belly is so cute, too!! Hang in there mama and your baby Joey (or Joey-ette??) will be here soon!

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