Thank you, BOB

I adore BOB books. They are a perfect homework extension for my reading program The Monaco Method for Early Literacy. The books start with simple CVC words and work up to more complex words and sentences, and finally long vowel words. These books also use a font that is similar to my original font “Get Real” that I use to teach handwriting. In fact, I contacted BOB to see if I could buy their font (nope) before I created my own. These books are the only resource I know of that use a font I “approve of”, that is one that uses letters that look like they would if a student had written them with their own hand.

As soon as my students are reading, which starts happening very soon after the beginning of kindergarten with my system for introducing phonics, I send home one BOB book per week for reading homework. Naturally the kids become ready for reading at slightly different times so I can usually provide books for homework with just one set of BOB books (but maybe that’s because I only have twelve students)!

Trying to keep track of who has which book and which book each person gets the following week can get confusing, so I created a “Take Home Schedule” to keep track of the books. I write each student’s name on a Post-it arrow flag and stick the arrow in the box to the right of the book I send home with them. Then when I am preparing homework for the next week I just move each sticker down to the next box (book) to figure out which book each student gets next. This system has made my reading homework a breeze, and (bonus!) if a book ever turns up missing I know who had it last!

If you are interested, you can download my BOB Books Homework Schedule for FREE at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Happy reading!


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