Home School

My 2-and-a-half-year old son loves to see what’s in the Teacher’s Creatures Letter Bags I bring home from school. Some days we have mini lessons on the bed or the deck, where I am the “teacher” and he is the “student” (he loves that part). Today we looked in Patrick the Pig’s bag, which (Brady noticed) has “prepples” on it (that’s pretzels). He was very good at “getting his P sound ready” as he eagerly awaited the removal of each item. He kept the items in the hat on his lap and took them out a few at a time to play with on the arms of the chair. He paid for the pizza with the penny, wrote on the paper with the pencil, and tried not to poke himself with the pin. The pig and the panda then proceeded to eat the pizza under the palm trees. It was a perfectly pleasant moment with my mostly pleasant (but always precious) little guy. (If you look closely, you will also see some pea-colored paint on the chair from a previous project!)


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