Needle go “n, n, n”

When it comes to common animals that start with N, the options are limited. The puppet I created for the Letter N is a ‘night owl’ which is, of course, not an actual animal but rather a term for someone who stays up late. This has always bothered me ever so slightly but I am fond of Nathan’s story so I’ve kept him around for the last eight years. Someone along the way suggested a narwhal, and I liked the idea, but just couldn’t come up with a satisfactory story. This all changed when my two-and-a-half-year-old son was jumping up and down on the bathroom scale and noticed the “hand just like on clock.” I said, “That does look like the hand on a clock, but on a scale it’s called a needle.” He jumped up and down again and said, “Needle go n, n, n!” Why, thank you, my brilliant assistant! In that moment I retired Nathan the Night Owl and replaced him with the avid seamster Nathan the Narwhal. Now I am satisfied. If you would like to replace your night owl, contact me and I’d be glad to send you Nathan the Narwhal along with his story, outline, and handwriting pages. If you are the person who suggested a narwhal to me in the first place, let me know so I can formally thank you! This night owl is finally going to bed…


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