True Confessions

Leslianne the Lion was named after a student who was in my class the first year I created Teacher’s Creatures Phonics Puppets. Eight years later, when my husband and I took our son to Wild Things Animal Park in Salinas, I realized my mistake. Our guide asked the children in our tour group if the lion we were admiring was a boy or a girl. A sick feeling instantly came over me as I thought of Leslianne the Lion- my female lion puppet with a mane! When I designed Leslianne, a mane seemed like the obvious way to make the puppet look like a lion. The physical differences between a lion and lioness hadn’t crossed my mind. For the sake of accuracy, Leslianne the Lion will now be Les the Lion and he will warm up his voice before he sings. This change comes with a bit of sadness because I am altering one of my favorite puppets, but I will always remember the real Leslianne and smile when I recall my error. If you are already using Teacher’s Creatures in your classroom, feel free to join me in making this technical adjustment…if you haven’t already.


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