Monaco Lane Homework Kits

I have been creating and using what I call “homework kits” in my kindergarten class since 2003. Each kit is housed in a unique container and filled with books, language arts activities, and math activities that are based around a theme inspired by the container. My collection is always changing and growing. In my class, each student takes home one kit at a time, and keeps it for a week, until they have experienced each and every kit. On my blog I will be featuring one homework kit per month and offering instructions for making the kit. I will also include any worksheets that go with the kit and an activities list so parents will know how to use it with their children. The instructions, worksheets, and activities list are in PDF format. I will send them via email to anyone who requests the curriculum through the “contact” tab on my website. My kits make homework magical for children. I hope you will take the time to make one and experience the joy and excitement they will bring to your classroom!


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